Selected Spanish Coursework

  • The Latin American and Spanish Documentary Film from its Beginnings Until Today (graduate seminar)
  • (Re)Visions of the Colonial Past in Contemporary Latin American Culture (graduate seminar)
    • Final paper topic: Piracy as seen in Esquemeling and as (re)imagined by Carmen Boullosa
  • Imagining Moorish Spain (graduate seminar)
    • Final paper topic: Race, Orientalism, and Social Class in Diego Ximénez de Enciso’s Juan Latino.
  • Independent study: 19th century Spanish American literature
    • Final project: Annotated bibliography, major works of 19th century Latin American literature
  • The Franco Period in the First Person: Autobiographies from Spanish Women Writers, 1939-1975
  • Medieval Boundaries: Space, Hierarchy, and Genre in the Medieval Mediterranean
  • Geographies of Knowledge in Colonial Spanish America
    • Final project: Madre María de San José and feminine space
  • Theory of Literature
  • Proseminar for Language Teaching
  • MA exam areas of concentration:
    • Colonial Spanish American literatures
    • Medieval (Spain)
    • Spanish American Literature, 1898-present